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From Red to Green: The commercially viable Red Mud remediation process…



  • ParaTech Global is an environmental remediation company based on a proved patent to process “Red Mud” (RM) or spent bauxite, which is disposed of openly next to alumina refineries at every plant in the world.
  • Red Mud contains sodium hydroxide which is a dangerous caustic.
  • With a pH of 13, any extended exposure to this material can be life threatening.
  • ParaTech is able to stabilize Red Mud for recycling as an ingredient in ceramic/cement building materials, extract the caustic and recover mineral elements.
  • The ParaTech process makes alumina refining fully sustainable.
  • With patents in 18 countries, our process is the only commercially viable Red Mud (RM) remediation process in the world.

ParaTech Global & Hoang Viet Joint Venture: HVP

ParaTech Global & Hoang Viet Joint Venture: HVP is a “first mover” investment opportunity and setup for world growth.

      • Long term opportunity for business growth worldwide
      • USD $10 mil working capital being raised now for 1st International Joint Venture
      • Operations will produce free cash flow exceeding USD $25 mil/annum
      • Profitable remediation under long term service contracts
      • Investment ROI expected to exceed 20%/annum
      • No commercially competitive alternatives anywhere in the world

Watch The Video of ParaTech Global Pilot Plant

The ParaTech patented process was recently presented and evaluated at the Ajka, Hungary alumina refinery using the ParaTech pilot plant. A well-known chemical testing company, Analitika, evaluated the processed red mud and brine, leading to their conclusion that the red mud stabilized to a neutral pH and the brine exhibited the predicted chemical composition.

Learn About ParaTech's Solution to the Red Mud Problem

ParaTech Global has a financially feasible solution to 125-year-old disposal problem.