What Is Red Mud And Why Is It A Global Problem?

Alumina Industry Waste

The Bayer process for refining aluminum hydroxide (alumina hydrate) from bauxite results in a dangerous waste by-product, “red mud” or left over bauxite that contains unrecovered caustic used in the refining and it also contains unrecovered aluminum hydroxide.

Dangerous Disposal Sites

The above ground red mud disposal ponds will eventually become unstable, resulting in serious environmental and human damage.


  • Red Mud is  a highly toxic waste, with a pH near 13.0
  • Alumina is main material used to produce aluminum
  • There are 100 Alumina refineries globally
  • Since 1893, 2.7 billion tons of Red Mud have been disposed world-wide
  • Annual disposal of Red Mud is 80 million tons/year and increasing due to global demand for aluminum
  • There has been an increase of Red Mud disasters and death globally
  • There is a growing potential for disasters due to aging, deteriorating Red Mud stacks

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