From A Red Problem To A Green Solution

ParaTech Global is an environmental remediation company based on a proved patent to process “Red Mud” (RM) or spent bauxite, which is disposed of openly next to alumina refineries at every plant in the world. Red Mud contains sodium hydroxide which is a dangerous caustic.

With a pH of 13, any extended exposure to this material can be life threatening. ParaTech is able to stabilize Red Mud for recycling as an ingredient in ceramic/cement building materials, extract the caustic and recover mineral elements.

The ParaTech process makes alumina refining fully sustainable. With patents in 18 countries, our process is the only commercially viable Red Mud (RM) remediation process in the world.

Benefits to the World’s Alumina Industry

  • Financially feasible solution to 125-year-old disposal problem
  • Lower cost of production
  • Increased revenue
  • Lower Insurance costs
  • Refineries become fully sustainable

Global Game Changers of the ParaTech Global Process

  • All Red mud can now be made safe and recycled
  • All Alumina Refineries can increase profitability immediately
  • ParaTech Global has patented the world’s 1st Red Mud remediation technology
  • ParaTech Global offers 1st mover advantage globally
  • No commercially competitive alternatives anywhere in the world

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ParaTech Global’s solution to 125-year-old disposal problem.